Elsewhere on the Web

My original website, WCrosby.com was started in 2000 when I got my first digital camera. We took a trip to California in Jim’s newly restored Falcon and did an early daily weblog. There’s a lot of history there.

We started going to Mexico in 2003 and over the next ten years or so, covered the entire Yucatan visiting Mayan ruins. We have been to practically every single one and climbed all the pyramids. We ended up buying a beachfront lot in Xcalak, on the Caribbean, just north of Belize. Wanna buy it?

The Mighty Bus
In 2010 we bought a supposedly “already converted” bus. Jim proceeded to work on it for the next four years, got everything hooked up, working and much improved in mechanicals and comforts too. We live in it full time now. Follow along!

Why another website?
I will eventually migrate everything here to this WordPress managed site. The older sites are sort of clunky now and I want to update so I can find everything in one place. Except the bus blog will stay separate.